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The Simpson Too Trashy?

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The most crazy family of America, famous in more than 50 countries and translated in more than 60 languages worldwide, is no longer sacred in Venezuela where the cartoon Simpson was removed from TV channels, considered to be harmful to young viewers.


The spokesman of Televen TV channel, Elba Guillen, said Monday that the decision to withdraw from the antenna the cartoon, scheduled daily at 11 am, followed numerous complaints from viewers sent to the National Telecommunications Commission, the panel of Venezuelan media regulation.

"It was necessary to cancel the show" said Ms. Guillen, explaining that the members of the body "felt that the series had no place in this schedule because it was not a program for children."

The regulatory body did not detail what specific elements of the cartoon had been considered offensive, but felt that disseminate Simpson in the slot violated rules that prohibit "messages that run counter to the education for children, boys and girls, and teenagers ". Televen TV is not in a position to say that the series will be broadcast at another time.



The series Alert in Hawai, the continuation of Baywatch, is now scheduled at the Simpson’s place.

A series in which sexy women and muscled men, all in yellow swimsuit, are assisting unwary swimmers on the beaches of Hawaii. This replacement program has generated no complaints of viewers so far.

Article source:
Associated Press
Caracas , Venezuela


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