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Zeus, A Huge Manta Ray Transfered by Helicopter

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If you ever see a helicopter transporting something weird passing over your head, donít be scared!
It might just be a poor creature, in fact, a 1,000 pound manta ray named Zeus, being transferred from an aquarium in the Bahamas to the Atlantic Ocean. That was on May 8.

Helicopter Transfering Huge Manta Ray
Image Source: http://www.aolcdn.com/aolnews_photos/04/03/20080508193809990004

Zeus has been a research subject and tourist attraction for 3 years. It is now beaing released in the ocean but will be monitered by Marine Scientists who plan to track the creature, who by the way has a wingspan of almost 13 feet, through a satellite tracking tag.
Oh, just hope if you ever see this that the net doesnít break when youíre under the helicopter!




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