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Diamond Ring Found by 12 Year Old Boy

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Diamond Ring Found by 12 Year Old Boy
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Joe Carter, an ordinary twelve- year- old boy, found a black box when boating with his dad off Crissy Field. What the boy didn’t know, is that he would be surprised when opening the box after reaching over the side of their dinghy and pick it up.
“What id there’s a diamond ring inside?” dreamt the boy for a laps of time…and the dream came true…
A little shiny wedding diamond ring was in the box.

Joe carter with the diamond ring he found
Image Source: http://imgs.sfgate.com/c/pictures/2008/05/08/ba_ring07019kk.jpg

"It's a real diamond ring," Joe said. "With a real diamond."

A small tag was still attached to the ring: one quarter carat, diamond wedding ring, 499$.

The teenager, being a good kid, would like to return the ring to its owner. He posted a note on internet and asks people to call him for a description of the ring if it is theirs.
While waiting for people to contact him, the boy tried to figure out the story of this ring and how the hell did it end up in the water?

You could imagine anything you want, just like Joe did…
You could be the depressed boyfriend, who, after dealing with refusal would throw the ring in the water, or the girlfriend who likes diamond rings and was so disappointed this one was only a quarter carat, she threw it in the water.
Eventually you could also be the poor person who lost this ring by accident and who would like to find it…



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