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Crazy Plastic Surgery: Whatever You Wouldn't Think Of Is Here...

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Crazy Plastic Surgery: Whatever You Wouldn't Think Of Is Here...

This is no crazy news…
Some people have complexes that might seem weird or stupid for you. But what would you feel if you had a huge navel or long toes? Well if luckily you don’t have problems with your toes or navel, just try to understand those who have…
Here’s the story of that doctor, Dr David Alessi, from California, who has weird requests and is still amazed at women’s willingness to endure extreme cosmetic alterations.
"Many of my young patients think about getting plastic surgery the way they'd think about getting their hair done," he said.

Vaginal rejuvenation (labiaplasty), forehead implants, ankle and shoulder liposuction, jaws break and reset for a tweak smile, lengthen or shorten toes, or even navel removal…yes, that’s what a 25 year old girl asked doctor Alessi. So what wouldn’t you think of? Well just ask Dr Alessi, he might be helpful…


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