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Miley Cirus Naked? Vanity Fair Accused of Teen Manipulation

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She 15 years old and she weighs a billion dollars, yet she had to apologize to her angry fans after the release of photos considered too daring on the website of the U.S. magazine Vanity Fair. She is Miley Cyrus, the heroine of the TV series "Hannah Montana" aired on Disney Channel, and the young singer with a stormy success. Produced by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, this series of photos caused a wave of indignation in the USA over the past week. More particularly a portrait where she appears naked, her chest covered with a sheet, in an attitude considered too sensual and sexually explicit.

Miley Cirus for Vanity Fair, photo by Annie Leibowitz
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Covered with a " champagne stole "

For the magazine's style director, it is simply scandalous ... talking cloth. "This is a duchess satin colored champagne stole, made specially for the occasion" Michael Roberts defends himself with  Humour (?). One point of view that does not share the powerful Disney company, the employer of the young starlet who accuses Vanity Fair of "having deliberately manipulated a young girl of 15 years to sell their magazines." In fact, the shooting took place under the watchful advised eye of Daddy Cyrus, a former glorious country singer, who posed for the occasion with his rich offspring. Carried out with a digital camera, the photos could have been checked at any time and validated. Miley had acknowledged herself that they were "artistic".

"It looks like she just had sex"

So? Where is the problem?
True icon of the 6-14 years old teenagers in USA and we coulod say worldwide, Miley’s fans (and probably their parents) have interpreted these clichés as an incitement to debauchery. "It looks like she just had sex", can be read in one of the many comments posted on the sites of the teenager. If the comparison is exaggerated, it may however reflect on the series of photos taken with her father. In viewing the making-off of the shoot, already seen by more than one million Internet users, complicity between Miley and her father caused a slight embarrassment. You could see a Lolita, affectionately looking over the man who seems to be her old lover.
What of this was where the real problem is?

Pose naked in a magazine or on the Internet, who has not done this yet? Well ... She, Miley Cirus, the heroine of the hit series Hannah Montana.
But where is the crispy news?
Plus, naked is a big work, not really the appropriate one ... We can see her back ...
But Miley is only 15, and the series in which she is the heroin is one of Disney's flagship series. It is seen by millions of kids. In short, "Miley Cirus naked”, even half, is a little too bad in the country of PC (politically correct).

The sensual photos have circulated on the Internet and have been published in the magazine Vanity Fair, the reference to the show-biz world in the USA.
Miley Cirus had to explain her decision …And what she say? Miley said she was "honoured if not even very excited at the idea of working with Annie Leibowitz, the famous star photographer, that she took part in a photo session which was supposed to be artistic. But what’s Art? “Now that I saw the pictures and read the story, I am very embarrassed. "said Miley…Oh well  Life is so hard Miley, isn’t it?

This meeting has obviously caused a scandal, especially on the net, where mothers are shocked by the "bad image" that reflects the new face of Disney ...

Result young miss wished to make a public statement, "My purpose in making music and being an actress, is to make people happy. (…) Now that I saw the pictures and read the story, I am very embarrassed. " Shouldn’t you think about this before, little miss?

By "history", thus Miley insisted on the article which accompanied the photos, and suggested that the meeting had been scheduled to undress Miley Cyrus to ensure a good number of sales ... Not cool!

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