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Colossal Squid Eating Patagonian Toothfish Caught In New-Zealand

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10 meters long, 450 Kg: the colossal squid caught by fishermen in  New Zealand could be the biggest specimen ever discovered. This Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni was caught in deep waters off Antarctica. According to Jim Anderton, New Zealand's Minister for Fisheries, the animal was almost dead when he was pulled back on board last year by fishermen: he was eating a Patagonian toothfish (a fish of the Southern Ocean) hung on a hook.

Image Source: http://ap.google.com/media/ALeqM5jnP1LgcIWAtGBgFFwukcUYkayskA?size=s

It took two hours to climb the squid very carefully on the boat. He was immediately frozen in the holds of the ship and then brought back to New Zealand for advanced scientific studies. Analyses will be done, which, according to the minister, will remove some of the mysteries surrounding the "monsters" depths. The colossal squid, which live in the Southern Ocean, can measure up to 14 metres, just like the giant squid (Architeutis dux), but the weight of the latter is usually much less imposing.

The first colossal squid identified was caught in 1925, and the last captured intact specimen, a female, caught in 1994, weighed only 150 pounds. "The colossal squid has just arrived in New Zealand," said Jim Anderton Thursday. It is, according to him, the first adult male to be brought back to earth with success.




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