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Death of Chero Oteriís Father

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Cheri Oteri, cast of ďSaturday Night LiveĒ show, actress and screen writer, as well as voice ďlenderĒ for animations, is now dealinf with her fatherís death, which is very sudden and unexpetcted.

Gaetona Thompas Oteri, songwriter and singer, was murdered on April 26 by one of his friends and co-workers.
He was stabbed to death by Richard Fagan, who wrote Nį1 song ďBe My Baby TonightĒ. He killed the 69 year old man after an argument with  a pocket knife.
Both of them were drunk and Fagan fled the scene.


Cheri Oteri and the princess she gave her voice to in Shrek The Third.
Image Source: http://www.aolcdn.com/pmms/productpagemovies/08/03/2393271

Itís only later, after being caught for an Alcohol Test and arrested, that he called a friend and asked him to check on Oteri. That friend called the police after noticing that Faganís house was messed up, and no one was responding the knocks on the door.
The authorities found Oteriís Body on the floor inside the house, lying in his blood.
He was lacerated very badly by Fagan, which caused significant bleeding.

Fagan is now in jailed, charged with criminal homicide.
Cheri Oteri, Tomís daughter, 45, has been informed of her fatherís death and is now heading to Nashville for her fatherís funeral.


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