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Obama defends himself from being the only black candidate

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Barack Obama has reiterated this weekend: for him, skin colour is not a "key factor" in the race for the Democratic nomination. Yet it seems that ethnicity, gender or social class criteria become more and more decisive in the duel, started 17 weeks ago, opposing the senator from Illinois to Hillary Clinton.

With the approach of the primary in North Carolina and Indiana next week, the contrast is even more striking. Obama is leading in polls in North Carolina, where a large black population lives, but is tied with Clinton in Indiana. In this state, his electorate is located in urban areas, where the black community is concentrated, as opposed to his rival, sought in rural areas and among the working class, particularly among women.

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These are the divisions that have given nearly ten-point lead to the Senator from New York at the Pennsylvania primary, last week. This success has enabled Mrs. Clinton to stay in the race, although Obama is still leading in the number of delegates to the Democratic National Convention next August in Denver.

Guests of the Fox News Channel Sunday, Barack Obama acknowledged that the ethnic group "remains a factor in (the) society". Before adding: " Will this be the determinant factor in a general election? No, because I am absolutely certain that the American people want someone to solve its problems."

The senator from Illinois has conceded that he should do more to push its rating within the working class, particularly affected by the current economic difficulties. "I must be more present. I have to knock on more doors. I must do more," he said,  “For I'm facing the best Democrats," he stressed, referring to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama was speaking while his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., was talking at the annual dinner of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Reverend Wright had burst into the campaign in March, in connection with the appearance on the Internet of old videos in which he accused the U.S. government of racism and laxity concerning drugs in black majority neighbourhoods. This statement had led Obama to stand out publicly about his former pastor.

Sunday, the Reverend of Chicago has defended himself from accentuating division and racial tensions in the USA. "I'm not in the division," he assured. "I am rather in the description." "In the past, we were told to see those who are different as weaker poeple. I think a change will occur because many of us are determined to change the way you see those who are different."




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