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Carol Mallory Sells A Part of Her Life

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Unbelievable !
Here we go again with the kind of stories like Marylin Monroe’s tape sold and Trishia Smith.
Why do people have no ethic anymore ?
I chose this article because it does at least point out the fact that maybe Mallory could have waited until Mailer’s wife died.
What’s the use of selling all her little secrets, for which, in my opinion, there’s nothing to be pride of, if not to provoke? I think this woman has no ethic and certainly no shame to tell all this, just now when he died a year ago. She maybe need money?
Can someone tell me why do some people make human race seem so low?

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“Mailer’s mistress sells love letters to Harvard
Norman Mailer

Mailer, who died last year, was seeing Mallory - 19 years his junior - during his marriage to his sixth wife, Norris Church. Some feel it would have been more respectful, certainly less tacky, to have held off selling the artefacts until his widow had also died.

However, Harvard will be pleased to have something of Mailer's – he was an undergraduate at the Ivy League establishment back in the Forties. Three years ago the Pulitzer-winning prize author snubbed them by selling his own archives to the University of Texas for $2.5m.”

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