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Protect Your Drinks: New Coktail Condoms

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We’ve heard about this for a while now, but obviously things are changing slowly, and it is taking time for people to realize it is a real threat.
Campaigns, solutions have been found but the problem still remains.
Dissolving pills put in cocktails and drinks in bars and pubs are still part of the actuality news.
The following paragraph is just an excerpt of article published on ABC News, you might want to read it. The link to the article is posted below.


“ A Cocktail Condom? Protection for Your Drink
Boston City Councilor Says 'Cocktail Covers' at Bars Would Deter Date-Rape Drugs


Safe-sipping martinis, pure lager pints and untouched tumblers of Scotch.
Consider it the cocktail's condom equivalent.

In barrooms around the world, revelers can purchase condoms from bathroom dispensers to ward off sexually transmitted diseases that may follow a one-night fling.

Now, a city councilor from Boston wants the city's licensing board, alcohol manufacturers and owners of nightclubs and bars to seriously consider cocktail covers, a creation that Massachusetts inventor Greg Barry says will deter would-be predators from slipping date-rape drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting victims.”


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