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Dissolving Pills In Bars And Pubs: Attention

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This is a real problem.
We all like to go out, party, have fun with friends, and of course drinks are part of our evenings. Martinis, wine, margaritas, everything is good.
But is it still when you discover, at the bottom of your glass, something weird, that could be a dissolving pill. Some of you might think now: oh come on, who would do that? What’s the purpose?
Well, anyone could throw a pill in your glass if you leave it unattended for less than 2 minutes.
The purpose? Might be the person wants to have your in her bed just after dancing, might be for another reason.
So please pay attention, never leave your glass unattended, and if you can, protect your glass.

« Now, a city councillor from Boston wants the city's licensing board, alcohol manufacturers and owners of nightclubs and bars to seriously consider cocktail covers, a creation that Massachusetts inventor Greg Barry says will deter would-be predators from slipping date-rape drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting victims »

Some government are concerned by this problem. No one is out of risk. Pasha Grishuk, former Olympic skater, was taken to the emergencies after having found in her cocktail a dissolving pill when she was supposed to be at a meeting in a bar.
See? It could happen to anyone. So keep your eyes on your glass, and if you want to go dancing, finish your glass before, or get a new one when you coma back. Try not to drink from a glass you left unattended.


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