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Earth Day: Huge Concern and Interest

News Headlines

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The Environment concern is not just a Canadian concern. Europe, although a little behind Canada, in matter if environment, is also concerned.
So let’s make Earth Day our day and make the most of it…
Let’s recycle and take care of our planets in our everyday life. Little things can be very useful if each one of us takes care: saving water when taking a shower or doing the dishes, recycling properly, not taking plastic bags at drugstores but use a reusable bag instead…
I suggest you read the articles, of which you can find the links below, if you want to know more about our Earth.
So have a nice Earth Day, and make it Earth Year!

Is Earth Day still relevant 18 years on?
It was one of the original green movements in Canada, created by environmental activists who had spent their lives protesting big companies that harmed the planet.

The Real Agenda Behind Climate Change and Earth Day
In recognition of Earth Day, there is an excellent article in the BBC News today which reveals the real agenda behind the global warming movement, which is the abolishment of capitalism.


Leaders warn on biofuels and food
Two Latin American leaders have issued warnings about the effects of biofuel production on food supplies.

Earth Day activities :


Earth Day Science Activities
Go ahead… close the books for just one day… put away those worksheets… take a detour from those laminated lesson plans and share a few environmental science demonstrations that inspire your students to think about the Earth differently. We, as teachers, need to let our students see our passion for conserving our natural resources and making the Earth a better place to live. Just to get your creative ideas flowing, here are a few suggestions for Earth Day science demonstrations and activities from our experiment library…

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