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Adonis Flores: Contemporary Art

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Adonis Flores is a Cuban artist whose reputation grew up in the international world of contemporary art. A performance artist who has chosen its colours: those of camouflage patterns on the clothing of soldiers.
To see photos of this fine soldier planted in the flower fields, one wonders whether the name is really his or a false name. This is his real name. But Adonis Flores, born in 1971, who made the war in Angola in the late 80's, is not blue flower as it seems in the exhibition at Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain.
Artist of the performance, guard Adonis Flores traces of its actions in the form of photographs and videos. A video shows him strolling in the streets of Havana dressed as a soldier. On the grounds of camouflage daisies are added. People are returning to its passage, but nobody seems really surprised. In any case, nobody is shocked.

adonis flores
Image Source: http://lunettesrouges.blog.lemonde.fr/files/2007/10/flores.1192792695.jpg

But “Cannon fodder” is probably the most compelling photo of the exhibit. It shows the soldier lying on the floor, his face covered with slices of meat as if he had been ripped off the skin. Meat is rare in Cuba

On one photo, from the open mouth of the soldier one can see grass coming out. In another case, it is a bouquet of flowers comes out of the mouth, as in the days of the Vietnam War, when illustrators drew flowers coming out of the guns heads. Make love, not war. And so, the grounds of camouflage can be found painted on his tongue, for example, or on his sunglasses, or even in his clown makeup. Finally, two rolls of toilet paper - another rare product in Cuba - is used as binoculars in another photo.

A room has been reserved to the presentation of a video loop. Adonis Flores, still in his soldier’s uniform, makes a hoop rotate around his kidneys, dancing on a funeral band music.    One quickly realizes that this particular hoop, with which he is playing, is a crown of funeral flowers.

So here is a set of works which enables us to get acquainted with a newcomer and gives a taste to know more about this strange artist with a funny name: Adonis Flores.



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