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A Picasso Painting Is To Be Sold By Andrew LLoyd Webber

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Please note that the article below is a combination of two articles originally written by : Adfero Ltd for myparkmag.co.uk ; No changes have been made.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber to sell Picasso painting

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is set to sell a Picasso painting, which is expected to fetch up to £35 million, and donate the proceeds to charity.


According to contactmusic.com, the composer would like to sell the original 1901 painting - entitled The Absinthe Drinker - to support a number of good causes.

"I'm hoping to sell it for £35 million and it's all going to go to theatre charities," Lord Lloyd Webber stated.

Currently a subject of dispute at the British High Court, the painting was removed from the Christies auction block in New York City when a professor of German-Jewish descent claimed the Nazis forced his family to sell them the painting during World War II.

Meanwhile Teletext reported today that the Phantom Of The Opera composer will be appearing in this weekend's episode of I'd Do Anything via satellite.

He is currently in America working as a mentor for the current crop of contestants on US reality show American Idol.

Part of an upcoming episode of the programme is thought to take place in Las Vegas.


Andrew Lloyd Webber says he's passionate about theatre

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has claimed his musically-themed Saturday evening TV shows are a result of his "passion for theatre".

Speaking to the Daily Express, the impresario - who has penned shows including Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Cats and The Phantom Of The Opera - responded to claims made by actor Kevin Spacey that such TV programmes could distort the theatre market in London.

Last month, the Oscar-winning actor - who is the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre - claimed that Lord Lloyd Webber's programmes How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do were "unfair".

However, Lord Lloyd Webber stated his reality shows "convey my passion for theatre and musical theatre in the best way I can" and added that he has put the staging of his sequel to The Phantom Of The Opera on hold in favour of the upcoming Oliver! - which is currently being cast in the programme I'd Do Anything.

Digital Spy reported earlier this week that Lord Lloyd Webber was so impressed with the young women auditioning for the role of Nancy that he suggested in his online blog that some of them should team up to form a girl pop group.





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