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A bag Filled with $140,000 Found On The Streets

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What would you do if you found a bag filled with 140,000$ in cash ?

What about one of your friend found that bag ? would you tell him to keep it ? wouldn’t you start dreaming of far countries when you’ll never go ?of beaches and sun ?

Well maybe that’s what Eli Estrada, a landscaper, thought for a quarter second when he found that bag on a Los Angeles area street.

But as soon as he realized he wasn’t dreaming, his “good citizen” conscious called him back to earth.

He said turning the bag to Long Beach police was the right thing to do.

He admits, though, that sometimes he thinks he was nuts, but he is sure keeping the money was wrong.


Image source: http://www.kutv.com/media/news/f/a/8/fa85d414-06e4-4e34-9e34-5cff49ade1a5/Original.jpg

The bag, who belonged to The Bank of America, was lost on March 11 th by Brinks Armored truck drivers. The unmarked 20$ bills were bundled into wads of 20,000$ and bound for ATMs.

Sgt Dina Zapalski, of Long Beach Police, said Estrada handed over the money bag to an officer who took a report at one of the landscaper’s job sites.

Zapalski added she never heard of someone turning in so much cash.




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